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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Girls and Legs!

Can you guess whose legs these are?  The other morning when we met,  we asked this man on a commuter bike to take a pic of us and he asked us if we wanted the sexy legs in the pic.  Cece told him "just the boobs" and off we went!    But today, Cece herself took the legs!
This reminded her of another "leg shot" that was taken pre-century ride when we all decided to wear stillettos or as high as we could for a poignant leg shot!.
And this remidned her  of another leg shot that was taken pre-triathlon in  Santa Fe.
 Anyway, this am we took another picture too.  Ellie and Stephanie did a long climbing route and Cece and Jamey did a casual talk and bond ride with a few hills thrown in for good measure.  The friends all met togehter at first then the groups split.  What fun!
Here is the perfect triathlon team!The Shark will need more coffee though!