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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Football Any One? Letting Yourself Go!

Cece watched her first football game during the super bowl.   She got hooked watching the pre-game show and listening to all the back stories about the two teams AND she wanted to see Madonna.

Shortly before the Superbowl though she had joined a new gym and met a pro-football player who worked out very hard.  He was retired and still was in very good shape.  He was kind and worked with her and spotted her on the bench press.  They are developing a nice friendship.

So, the other day, she asked him how many crunches he does every day as she watched him do crunch after crunch, this way then that a way.  He told her 2,000!  Cece was amazed and asked him why he did so many crunches. He told her,"Because one time, I let myself go and I got lazy working out and  I don't ever want to get that way again."

Later, she thought about that and decided that the next time she sees him at the gym, she is going to ask him about the time he let himself go  and ask him if he is comfortable talking about it.  Well, that day was today.  He had brought pictures of his football days when he was player of the year for the Chargers.  He looked very good...much like he  does to this day.  So, Cece took a risk and asked him the question....about letting himself go and how it happened, what happened etc.

Well, he told her, he likes to maintain his weight at his playing weight which is  214. He is about 6 foot 3.  He played one of those running positions that catches the ball after the quarterback throws it.   214 is the weight he likes to hold.  Well, Cece asked, when you let yourself go, how much weight did  you gain?"  Well, he said, I got up to 224."  In amazement, Cece said , "Well that is only a ten pound gain!"  Yes, he replied, he I got i t all here."  He pointed to his stomach.  She told him, "When I let myself go,  I put on  30 pounds." She pointed to her hips and thighs.  He smiled.

Cece thought about this. Once she gets down to her goal weight, she needs to make sure that she does not keep taking it off and then putting it back on...which she has been doing.  If she can catch  "I am letting myself go" at a 10 pound gain it will be way easier to take off than a 30 pound gain.

She will have more talks with this man about how he keeps  his motivation up etc and will keep you posted.
Update on Weight loss:    I am down 6.0 pounds of the 10  I want to loose by March 16th.