Don't Make Change too Complicated: Just Begin!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Long Time, Not Writing! Getting my "Zup" On!

What have I been doing you might ask?  I have been riding indoors with Troy Jacobson, working out at the gym  and dealing with a sick cat.  The three do not go together.  I will stick to talk of cycling! 

Just Wednesday night, I made the decision to enter a time trial in May.  I chose to race the 20K.  Call me crazy...but it is giving me added motivation and Zup!  What is Zup!  Amped up motivation!

I have spoken to the race director twice in two days and he told me to call him again!  Go figure.  Nice guy!  I drove the course today and thought, "What have I gotten in to?  This course has lots of hills...and lots of long hills...and long false flats.....and no Stephanie...the hills are not rollers!

So besides  work with my trainer and consulting with other cyclists about my plan of action , what I am doing?  What is the major thing to accomplish?  Losing that winter weight....because I will cycle much faster with 15 pounds off me than  I will with it on me!  I hear you saying "DUGH!""  So this must be my priority...taking off those dreaded pounds! 

My first goal is a 10 pound goal by March 16th.  So far I have lost  3.6 of  the 10 pounds!  I will keep you posted.