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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Summer Games! Time to Set New Goals!

Just Sayin' !  Cece has never seen so many fit good looking men in one place as she did at the 50+ Games Cycling Time Trials.
After she put her tongue back in, she read the goals of the NM Senior Olympics:
  • To improve and maintain health and wellness of senior adults 50+
  • Focus attention on the importance of regular exercise and constructive activity
  • Celebrate the vitality of life through example and create an awareness of opportunities that promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Provide competitive athletic and recreational experience at Local, State and National Levels.
Which reminded Cece that she had better think real hard about what her goals will be in the next 10 weeks before she leaves for Las Cruces.  These men and women are serious athletes and competitors!   Ten weeks is not very long and the competition is fierce.  What could she accomplish in 10 weeks?  Certainly she could not cut her time down 20 minutes!  The winner in her age category raced 20 full minutes faster than Cece.

This next competition is a road race.  Cece has watched road races, but  has never raced in one.  As a matter of fact, this was Cece's first competition.

As she got home from the race, she put herself in a hot bath of epsom salts and contemplated WHY she should go to race again at the State Competition. She did not have to go even though she qualified.   She could play it safe and chalk this race up to a good try and move on.  Why should she go?  Why should she spend the money on travel and food and lodging and mileage?  Why should she go?   Was winning the goal?  Then,  she should just stay home she reasoned.  She asked herself if there was another reason she should go. 

 She was just about literally contemplating her navel.

Out of the tub, she read the thick booklet that was the registration packet for the games.  Room, board and entry fee reasonable.  Parking free.  Shuttle buses to events.  A map so she could find her way.  Opening ceremony with a parade of afterwards. She could watch other competitions.....

She thought and thought.  Finally it came to her.

The reason she will go to Las Cruces is to continue to increase her health.  The reason is to set  personal goals that she can achieve in 10 weeks.  The reason is to measure herself against herself with the motivation and thrill of a see what SHE is made of.  To see how much she can suffer and still come out the other end...

.AND she heard the hill is not as bad in Las  Cruces!