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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sweet Spot Skirts!

It is not often that Cece finds cycling clothing that features a wide rage of sizing. Usually in cycling clothing, an XL or XXL is a size 12-14. Too small for Cece! But recently, she came across a cycling skirt, made by Sweet Spot Skirts, that is made by women cyclists and made in the USA...that covers "the sweet spot" that gets all bulgy and poofed out from the chamois in your cycling shorts. AND! Glory Be.....they are made in a wide range of sizes from a small size 2 through a plus size 26! WOW!  Check out the fun videos on their site!

And now is the time for the disclaimer...Cece is not getting anything from this company to promote their product.  She just thinks it is a great idea whose time has come.  Not only can the skirt be worn over your capris when cycling, but it can be worn for yoga, dance, apres ski or to the pool.  Each skirt is reversible and comes in many styles, patterns and colors.  You can even custom make a skirt for yourself.

Just for you larger gals out there,,, the larger skirts are also longer and have more coverage!  Hurray!  Finally a designer has an understanding of what larger women will wear!.....Or not!

This is another one of those items that Cece's mother would have loved....made in America, by women who sew...100% cotton , wash and wear....and putting women to work at something they love to!  It also solves an age old problem for women cyclists...going any where after a ride is problematic  because of the "diaper butt look"  that is very unattractive. Now we can put on this  skirt,  meet friends for a snack after a  ride,  and still look good and feel confident!