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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Whose Toes are These?

They were such cute toes....that they had to be photographed!
Well, not to keep you in suspense any more...they are Stephanie's toes!  She broke her ankle paragliding and has had to have ankle surgery...complete with plate and pin.  Stephanie is not used to being stopped as she is a very active woman!  

When Cece was at her race in Las Cruces, Cece got a text from Steph asking if she wanted to go to the Cochiti triathlon to watch their friend Ellie the Shark do Steph's former cycle leg.
Yes, Steph  has a heavy cast on...yes...she is on crutches...but a stronger woman you will not find.  So, Cece agreed to take Stephanie to the Cochiti Tri to see "her people" thinking it would be a great adventure and would be uplifting for Stephanie since she has been temporarily side lined.

Well, we brought everything to  keep the leg elevated...we brought ice. sunscreen, an umbrella, pillows ,chairs and much much more.  But when they arrived and saw the steep boat ramp that Stephanie had to crutch down...Cece started to sweat!  Stephanie was calm, cool and collected!  Down she crutched.  This is a stubborn woman who is determined not to be stopped and she made it down easily.  Cece could not envision her crutching back up it, so she illegally parked her car on the low part of the boat ramp, hoping that her Las Cruces  free Senior parking ticket would get them through.  No problem! 

Gina and Cyan met us all there and the 5 happy women started their great adventure.  Stephanie commented what a great group of women we are!  Women who are used to being independent and who are toughened athletes!  A good and comfortable group of women who support each other!  It is very easy being together.  All are competitive in their own rights.

We are all cheering Stephanie on in her recovery and we know that.... because she is sooo strong, she will recover quickly!    She is trying to "be a good girl" and follow the Dr's orders... it is  hard to keep this woman down!  When she recovers,we will celebrate her re-entry back on the bike with a big celebration!  We all cannot wait!