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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Regatta at Tingley Beach!

Well, you might be wondering what has happened to Cece.  She has been focusing on her training and doing bricks, working out at the gym and yes, cycling!  She has been pretty well disciplined...but today....she was out for a joy ride!

A ride down the bosque was called for...just a leisurely ride....just working on her cadence.  Not working on speed....smelling the roses, remembering why she loves to cycle...smelling the earth in its richness, seeing the leaves changing in their cyclic patterns, that she knows so well.....Greeting the roadrunner and catching his blessing.....answering her phone, stopping to talk to people...just being a leisurely cyclist,..seeing the mini train packed full of families.....and even one time when a man was talking to her about his average speed, she reminded herself silently that today was not a day for was a day for refreshment!

It was the type of perfect day that you can only hope for.  Moderate temps, 2mph wind, cool enough to wear sleeves...a glorious day that could not be ordered up.

She saw many new things that she had never seen before...boys on skateboards, many amputees with prostheses riding or getting in shape for ski season.... AND she saw a mini regatta at Tingley Beach!
Many had  large toy sail boats sailing in the lake.  Cece had never seen this before and was fascinated!  It is just so much fun to be outdoors and to see the world on two wheels...stopping and starting whenever you please....exploring and investigating as you was like a long lost friend that she was getting reacquainted with.....not rushing...just exploring to get to know again.