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Monday, June 27, 2016

Casting Out and Reeling in...the Memories

After yesterday's sufferfest, I took a leisurely ride to Tingley Beach.  It was a happy 18+ miles at a relaxed and social pace.

I really enjoy saying, "Good Morning" to people and chit chatting along the way.  It seems to go a long way these days and I invariably get a smile or a hello in return!

It was was of those rides I did not plan in advance ...I just kept pedaling and I ended up playing cat and mouse with a man who could not decide if he really wanted to pass me...because when he did, he could not keep up the pace.

It is so nice now that you can ride effortlessly into the beach now.  In the past you had to venture across a rough terrain and I would usually just get off the bike and walk it in.  Now you can just keep riding!  What a pleasure.  I rode over to the men fishing and asked if they were catching any fish?    It brought me back to my childhood walking on t he beach with my dad...and talking to all the men fishing on the Long Island Sound...casting out and reeling in...the memories.....

This man in the photo above was feeding that duck crackers and the duck kept biting his fingers....he kept say "ouch!  ouch!"    He reported that now that the city is asking people not to feed the ducks bread, that he switched to crackers....thus the duck biting his fingers.  We discussed the city's request to feed the ducks carrot shavings, oats, fruits and veggies and the man dismissed that by saying that he always fed the ducks now he switched to crackers...go figure!
Golden Trout
No one seemed to be catching any fish this man said that the other day, he packed up and went to Pecos and he caught several fish there and had a great supper that night!

 Well, I am eating fish this week...but they are from the fish store!  This is the golden trout I prepared for dinner!  Yummy!