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Friday, August 1, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to El Tucson!

6/25/08: Speaking of River Banks.....This was written about El Tour De Tuscon!
"El Tour de Tucson is a ride for cyclists of all ages and abilities, yet there is a racing component to the event that has attracted top competitive cyclists from around the world. The ride starts and finishes at Granada south of Congress in downtown Tucson. The cyclists tour the perimeter of scenic Tucson . The most unique feature of El Tour is its two river crossings! At two points along the route, cyclists must cross a "wash" which may or may not have water in it. Whether there is water or not, cyclists must generally dismount and push, drag or carry their bicycles across the sand/rocks/mud. Bridges are built especially for the day if water is flowing. This ride is 109 miles! In addition, there are also 81, 66 and 35-mile routes. Again this year, participants will ride the course counter clockwise."

7/5/08: How do you Know When You've Done too Much Cycling? When you are in the grocery store and it is crowded...and people have their carts and are weaving in and out...and you say "On your Left" when you want to pass someone! LOL. Cycled 40 miles today into Placitas and back! Had a great ride!

7/10/08: Disco Fever or Cycling Fever? Late this afternoon I got my hair done and my hairdresser always has new ideas...this time he poofed up my hair and teased it a bit and I looked ready to go out dancing and told him so! He told me .. all you need is a pretty dress and you are ready for a night out! So are you going, he asked? I did not have the heart to tell him that in about a half and hour, I would have my hair all de-poofed and in a braid and under my cycling helmet and I would be all jocked out in my bike gear and cleats! It just would have ruined his perception of me on the dance floor!