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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Hills are Alive and a NYer's first time in a Feed Store!

I did not hear the sound of any music though...only me spelling the word S>>>H>>>>I>>>>T>>> over and over as I struggled up each mountainous hill! LOL. But, I will tell you that I made each hill and although it was hard, it was not impossible nor did I ever feel like I was getting off the bike to walk it up. I now have learned the strategy called "relax your body, tighten your abs...and know that you will eventually make it to the top if you have patience and keep pedalling!" that is my new mantra.

Needless to say, the climbing was intense the first 32 miles...and then we had intermittent climbing and ended up coming back into town on the down hill. Once back home, our cycling coach gathered us all together and apologized for the challenging hills which she felt were too much for us! NOW she tells us! URGH!!!!

Anyway, I felt really good about my climbing on this day! I also had a few laughs when this NYer had her first experience in a feed store. It was a stopping point after we climbed the canyon! WHEW! Walking in cleats is difficult on the best of days, but then clomping through a feed store with all those cowboys is another experience! What is a feed store any way? Well, I found out......and then ended up having to use the men's restroom to see lots of female posters hanging up....all clothed.....but had to laugh. Then bec. I am a curious girl, I waited until the women's room was empty and then looked to see if the women's room had posters up too...and sure they did! AND they were better posters of partially clothed men....I bet a woman owns that feed store!