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Saturday, September 6, 2008

NOW She Tells Me

After this hill-acious ride, Gina looked at me and said,"This is where they bring the professionals to ride when they come into town." I asked, "You mean the ride we just finished?" "YES!," she replied. It was a VERY good thing I did not know this before hand...there are just some things that are best left unsaid!

You will notice there are no pics of the landscape...that is because whether going up or down I could not afford to even take one hand off the handle bars to take a photo...I know Heather will be happy! I had to focus! So please just imagine...canyons, cliffs, pine forests,,,,men cutting timber, big hills and me going down shouting "WHEEE" as my pig tails flew in the wind...or at least Dan and I thought about pig tails! He mentioned a web site......

Nick the chocolate chip cookie fiend kept asking me how I was doing as I was climbing up, up and away. I innocently told him, it does not seem like up...except that I am going so slow I know it is up. Well, when I came down, it was hard to believe I went all the way up..unbelievable! I was asked how I made it...I told them I was channeling Lance Armstrong...and envisioning him at the top and me freshening my lipstick to greet him! LOL. A girl can have a fantasy can't she?