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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Recommittment...I Need to Write you a Love Song

Many mornings I had passed this very spot thinking , "Oh the light is so beautiful at this time in the morning! I need to photograph it." I do not think the pic carries the light and beauty of all these lines like it does in real life. All the beams and lines are supported by these beams much like our lives are supported by all the people that support the foundations in our lives....

It is time for me to recommit to Team in Training. That means that I must formally commit to doing the ride that I have been training for during the past 3+ months. I could not wait to do so! I am riding in honor of 8 individuals who have battled cancer or are battling cancer.

Will you recommit with me and make a donation if you are able? Just like in the photo, we need to shed light into the dark places...these dark places ... that are cancer. So many of us have been touched by this awful disease. We need to fund the work for a cure. All along I have said little by little the money will come in and it has, and I thank you... and funding cancer research is an awesome task and it takes all the beams and supports to found a program that looks comprehensively at this problem called blood cancer. Please make a contribution if you are able.
Love, Cece