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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rehab Super Woman Team

It is just amazing what the body does in relation to stress! After the accident, I seemed almost "fine" for 2
days....evidently my body just tightened and held on for dear life as a result of the trauma. Then when it started to release and let go, all hell broke loose in the body as a result...and the trauma became apparent. After much therapy and rehab in the last few days, today, I can finally lift my head off the floor and the neck and whiplash damage seems like it is finally improving.
I was told yesterday that because I had been lifting and have a strong upper body, that made all the difference in how this accident effected my body. So, I am very grateful that I was lifting and was strong because it could have been so much worse.
But, I still feel like Superwoman near kryptonite! I am so weak that I cannot imagine that I could do inverted push ups on a bosu ball just last week! LOL! But I will get back to that eventually and w ill get back on the bike...that is what is really driving me is only a week I am trying to have patience!
I want to publicly thank my rehab support team....and it once again proves that it takes a team to do anything...and that living a life of isolation and self-reliance is not ever productive. These are great women who are specialists in their fields and are ethical, caring , and compassionate people who are more concerned for the healing of the body than anything...and work to achieve that with you. AND they kick butt if needed...believe me!
Dr. Helen D'Esposito: Chiropractor /Holistic Health Care ph: 888-4847
Charoltte Spencer: Physical Therapist: ph: 480-5729
Stephanie Tiger: Neuromuscular Deep Tissue Swedish Massage: ph: 681-9606