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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

I had to make a decision yesterday..............whether
to ride in Tucson or not to....and I decided not to. I made this decision with the input of my physical therapist, my coach Debbie and Kirsten, and friends and my dad who spoke to me of the pros and cons of a decision either way.

Given the nature of my injuries from the hit and run accident, at this moment it is difficult to contemplate being ready to ride 109 miles in about one month after not riding at all for a month now...I am stubborn as all of you know...and I could PUSH and do it...but it would have been extremely stressful rather than fun and challenging...and to what end? I do not HAVE TO ride Tucson. I can ride something else. All the money raised thus far will get rolled over into my new ride...which will be the Lake Tahoe Century in early June 2009....AND PS...I will have to raise about $600 more dollars for LLS so any donations you care to give me will be greatly appreciated!

I will have plenty of time now to rehab my whiplash and get my body stable on the bike again and I will then be able to train over the winter and then begin with a new team in February....I will become a mentor for Team in Training and will continue with my riding and now supporting those newbies coming in.

So, there is a lot to look forward to and I will adjust my goal setting and be off and running!

I am still in the virtual do nothing phase although I can now do 5 minutes on the elliptical at the gym IF I keep my heart rate under I was told...this is not is not is oxygenating the blood! And so it goes.

I am trying to have good behavior and am going to make a count down chart to Oct 18th...when hopefully I will get the OK to get back on my bike for a SHORT ride...says my PT/trainer..."short mean 5 miles....not 25 cece!" You do not argue with Char....if you do, you will loose and you will waste time.....because she always wins!