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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Riding Trandem...."Do you Trust Me?"

Riding a tandem bike for the first time.....her name was Buttercup and she was a beautiful yellow Cannondalae.....more like the Yellow Submarine ....she was soooooo big! I went off with a muffled..or maybe it was not so muffled a scream... as I relinquished total control and...and was given the command....this is just like when we ride the have to lean with me....I am in not put your feet down when we stop! So off we went!

It was a bit of a challenge not to look and not to plan and not to steer...although I tried and continued to try all the above! LOL......

At one point, I was asked,,,"Do you trust me?" I kinda giggled....this from the man who I cycled 9 miles in the pitch dark with...blind bec. I had no glasses.......yes! I replied. I was told to relax and loosen up my body and grip. Later I heard that I did well going downhill at 33 + mph...and that if I had freaked out or panicked, we would have crashed because it would have been difficult to control 2 bodies and a heavy bike at that speed! URGH! Better to know this after the fact. Thank You!

So, my rehab continues and I am feeling better. I am up to 15 fast miles (fast for me) averaging 15.8 mph......I think this is a perfect opportunity to work on my techinque and my skills......circular pedalling..... other things.....and in the meantime, I have decided to participate in the Jingle Bell Triathlon on Dec. 7th with a team. I have a runner who is just getting back to running (she was going to run a marathon for the LLS) and a swimmer who is rehabbing foot we are all getting back into business with our sports...and it will be like an act of willingness race for the 3 of us. We just want to start and finish..although I will try to be fast since it is a sprint and it is only 15 miles......Debbie...are you sitting down? LOL>....

I am learning a little bit about bike mechanics and it is overwhelming. I took off a cassette and put it back on and learned about wheels and spokes and how the weight of them can make you ride faster or to use a tool...I forgot it's name.....with a chain attached and a heavy wrench. I need lots more practice! Again and again with changing a tire.....One day I am sure I will feel like I know what I am doing...I have a lot to learn!