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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Good Dog and the Bad Dog

I went to the Jingle Bell Triathlon clinic on Saturday to learn about triathlons since I have never done one! I am going to do it as a team with a runner and a swimmer. The clinic was very informative and was given by a US Olympic Triathlon coach and I learned that the transitional area can make or break your triathlon!

Due to the fact that I have directional problems, I drove the bike route several times so that I could get the route in my mind before I cycled it. A friend helped me to discover how to map the route to determine the elevation change and it is 1807 feet. I was a bit scared of these hills and was unsure if , given my rehab, I would be able to make the climbs.

Then I started to worry about a lot of things. This is not my typical nature. I worried about the traffic and being alone and having to cross 4 lanes, I worried about the remoteness of the ride in the high desert...what if I fell and got hurt... was there even cell phone coverage...and on and on my mind went...for a worried ride of its own. My negative thinking kept going until it was time to leave my house....I was sick to my stomach and trying to decide it it might be best to do this another day......but all of a sudden I told myself///"STOP THIS> JUST DO IT>" Out of the door I went and off to the Rio Rancho Aquatic center I went.

I made it up every hill, I did not fall, yes it was remote and yes I had to cross a 4 lane highway to make a left turn onto Northern, but it all went very well and with complete safety! I suffered up one major hill but I am sooo stubborn. Over the entire ride my average mph was 14.2....good for me!

Here is a joke: There is a good dog and a bad dog. Which one is stronger? Whichever one you feed. Lesson learned!