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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Climb

A friend from Team in Training had a very bad accident. His name is Gary White. Evidently he was out riding with a friend when he had a freak cycling accident and hit his head and had a serious brain injury.
As cyclists, we always are aware that we can crash and we take precautions, but if we were to think about this all the time, we would not get on the bike at all. We would be paralyzed with fear. Gary was doing what he loved and he did it with gusto.....
He was always very nice to me and gave me advice at a send off party as I faced the century in Lake Tahoe. We talked and I told him I was afraid I would not make it up those horrible switchbacks at mile 10. He told me that when I approached, not to look up and be intimidated by what I look the climb in the eye and go for it without fear or trepidation.
This is what I hope for Gary's recovery... that he will look his rehab in the eye and not be intimidated by the tasks at go for it without fear or give it his all...and to know...that he is not alone.