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Sunday, September 13, 2009

There are no Donuts in Hell

The Star Center Hill is hell to climb. So, having suffered through hell on many previous occasions myself, I decided to volunteer and be the She Devil at the top of the hill and encourage the cyclists through hell! It was educational for me to see how people made it up this hill and also to understand that everyone suffers up this hill...not just me. As I encouraged people up the hill and told them to grind it out....I heard many many grunts and groans and heavy breathings and I was amazed that some still had the energy to flirt with the devil ........well if it helped them get up the hill! One man who suffered terribly up the hill finally made it up and then huffing and puffing asked me :Where are the donuts?" I told him in a growley voice. "There are no donuts in hell!" It was a fun and lively day and people left hell happy that they were leaving the devil in the past and going on to greener happier climbs!

See more pics below!