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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Darth Vader Returns

Many here in Albuquerque have been very disappointed that several of their favorite special shapes balloons have been "trapped" in China. They went there for a special festival. It is almost a city wide tragedy that the balloons have not been returned and everyone is talking about! It is a huge TV news item! We have cajoled and pleaded and our Governor has gotten involved and finally we have been tracking...almost like Santa's journey... the return of the special shapes. A dispute with the shipping company in China had prevented their return! After days of Balloon Fiesta had already passed, they finally arrived in NY and then late yesterday afternoon they arrived in New Mexico...just in time for Thursday's Special Shapes Rodeo! One of the favorite shapes that was "missing" has been Darth Vader! This morning, he finally took off.... but he was far away and he did not go up very high. Here are the best pics I could take.

Meanwhile, back at the bike valet, we again parked many bikes. This time it was over 60 on a work day! There was much laughter , puns and hilarity...who could not be silly with Craig and Fred in toe! BIKEABQ and NM Touring Society made lots of tips this morning and we even had to patch a flat! Eugene fixed it.....although I was passed the patch kit...but I was very busy photographing Darth! LOL Some also helped with balloons gone astray and some helped with the Little Devil (who also was just back from China) who made a sudden landing.
See more Special Shapes pics in the SLIDE below.