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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cycling in the Dark, Cocoa Puffs and a Bike Musical

The Darth Vader Theme Continues...see below post.

I have decided that there are a few things that I like about cycling in the dark. I am sure my favorite Blogger Fatty (see side bar) will have a few things to say on this topic since he is doing a 24 hour ride this weekend...but as for me, my night blindness has its benefits.

My favorite thing about riding in the dark is that you cannot see the top of the oncoming hills...nor can you see the homeless man under the bridge...but that is another story! While hill climbing in the dark, you are lucky if you will see a slight "up" but you do not have a good idea where the top is because you cannot see it. You really have no idea HOW LONG your suffering will last. I really like this! It seems so much more easy going up when you do not know how long the suffering will last. I for one will do more night cycling!

Below you will find my favorite jersey , "She Loves Hills, She Loves Them Not" that speaks so clearly about how much I just love hills! Remember as a kid picking off the daisy petals and saying "he loves me, he loves me not." This is a Team Estrogen jersey. See side link. The second thing I love about cycling in the dark is that since I cannot see, I need to rely on my other senses more...but I am not quite sure how the smell of cocoa puffs will help guide me to the Bike Valet in the dark......I almost made a left hand turn into the General Mills cereal factory on my way.

Well, back at the Bike Valet, the riotous mood continued. I wondered if Fred was going to break into song singing Swanee River when he started to tap dance....or was it the soft shoe, but when I asked him, he told me he was creating a bike musical with a tap dance number in cleats! OK?

Just WHEN this musical is coming out is still a mystery to me, but stay tuned! The above is the poster for the musical.
In the midst of all the dance numbers, at the Bike Valet, we had many visitors once again and parked over 58 bikes on a cold day with a strong head wind and on a day on which they cancelled the balloons. Cyclists kept bringing us food and telling us stories and we saw a stream of parents who cycled in with their they human or pet...see below.

We had a fun visit with the Bike Cops who told us that there are 12 bike cops in Albuquerque...he told me that all their equipment including gun and handcuffs and whatever else weighed about 30 pounds! Anthony on the left was a racer before he became a cop and most of the bike cops still ride in their off time, he told me. Thanks guys for keeping us safe in the Open Space!

The pet type kids....came all harnessed in and we joked and asked where are their helmets?"
The little one was dressed as a little devil with horns and a tail.... and I thought he was probably wanting to see the Little Devil balloon...or perhaps....he was looking for "The She Devil!" (9/13/09 archive).
On this the last day of the Balloon Fiesta, we figured that in 8 days , we parked 2,000 bicycles at the Bike Valet! That saved a lot of gas, money and time for folks. It was just sooo easy to cycle in given the new extension to the North Diversion Channel and the new bridge over the arroyo that had been built and opened just for this event! Everyone was thrilled with this service and want to have it again next year....which we will.