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Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Cursed at Troy Jacobson Today!

It was not a pretty sight! And this is AFTER I got off the bike!

I confess that I cursed at Troy Jacobson today! The first time I cursed at him was at minute 28 as I contemplated getting off my bike...while being haunted by my own motivational phrase (she spit) "Do or Do Not...there is not Try!" Why did you even get on your bike then, if you were not going to see this through? It was ugly.

The video is 90 minutes.

I was suffering so and Troy was sooo happy as he shouted "PUSH! PUSH! PUSH!" I was dripping so much sweat I was blinded and when I opened one eye, I saw the beads of sweat pooling up on the surface of my kinesio tape...and finally it pulled right off my shoulder! It was ugly!

Early on he said "If you forget where you are....." he should have said "When you go into a coma...." I cursed again....and again...and again.

Then the final straw. After dueling with Troy to the end of the DVD...a voice comes on and says "And I hope that you have a new appreciation of your ability to endure discomfort." yeah right...tell me that.

Hours later as I showered and got ready for an evening out...I remembered those words as I attempted to put deodorant on my forearm rather than my underarm...and I realized I was still in a Spinervals induced coma!

If you would like to share in my suffering...see the link at the side!