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Saturday, November 21, 2009

..."While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in her Head..."

Advertising! This is what I am up against I have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head! The photo below says,"I don't think there is anything like receiving a big box of homemade cookies for the holidays!" This is why I have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head!

I finally understand what this phrase means! It has to do with my lusting over homemade Christmas Cookies! It all happens between my ears, and in my mind's eye as I lust after those perfect buttery cookies.....and soon enough I start baking! I start gathering ingredients.... and compiling the butter and sugars and special toppings...........ohhhhhhh..... this is devilish territory!

AND these dancing sugar plums may have to do with my plan for this upcoming holiday season!

I plan to hire a NAVY SEAL who can pull tactical maneuvers on me in order to restrain me from baking cookie upon Christmas cookie this year. I figure if he can just move in with me....then he can be constantly vigilant for that I do not make AND EAT cookie upon Christmas cookie! This sounds like the making of a hot romance novel! I better patent my story line!

It all started long ago when my mom would bake literally hundreds of cookies that we would give away as gifts to our family and friends. As kids we loved to help my mom bake these cookies and assemble the tins with the cookie papers that separated each type of cookie. AND we made layers of cookies that we took pride in presenting. AND ....lest you think they were just pretty....they were also delicious and were a sign that our favorite holiday was upon us! Cookies are love!

My sister and I became expert cookie makers. We have all my mom's recipes
and all of our favorite family recipes which we get much praise for making and distributing.

So what is the problem you ask? I will speak for myself and not my sissy. The problem is....I EAT THE COOKIES! I eat the raw batter and I eat the cookies. I eat the toppings that go on the cookies. I have to taste them to see if they are good right? I have to make sure they are presentable, right?

Well, this year NOT RIGHT! I am going to hire and move in that NAVY SEAL over the holidays....probably within the next few days...then I will move him out about January 10, 2010 after all the parties are over.....

In the mean time, he can help me make pies. Pies are good. I am a great pie maker...especially with a helper.... and we can make a few pies and bring them to the parties!

You cannot sample a pie before it is delivered...and he and I can have a piece of pie and still keep our physiques in great shape!