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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Betcha Superman Didn't Wear a Bra !

If you recall, the one thing that weakened Superman was kryptonite. If it came near him, he would become very weak and non-functional.

Well, yesterday, I discovered that putting on a bra, post-surgery had the same effect on me as kryptonite does on superman.

Sometimes, I think I am superman.

I can do anything. Nothing can stop me. A friend told me this morning that I am an eternal optimist.

But the conquered me!

I had shoulder surgery on January 7th. That was Thursday. By Friday, I had done so well, the surgeon took me out of the sling. I was supposed to be in the sling a week.

I was pretty non-functional for the next few days....resting and in not too much pain. By the way, I had a pain block and could not feel any pain....and started taking aleve right I was in good shape.....happy... and looking to the future and doing my PT exercises. Signed up for the Moab Century Tour in September.... the surgeon told me I could do cardio the next week and by the 16th could be back on my bike indoors on the trainer. so, that was my plan.

When the next week came....that was Monday, I woke up and determined that I could go to the gym and do a VERY Light cardio...perhaps 10 minutes on the elliptical.

Well, let me tell you how short lived this thought was! I undid the surgery tee that was given to me. It had velcro on the neck and side seam. I carefully moved my arm and felt good that it was so functional. I chose a wide strapped sports bra and carefully hooked the back in the front and then turned it to the back where it belonged. Then I carefully put the surgery arm into the left strap and the right arm into the right strap and pulled the bra on up and over and onto the shoulders.

OMG! The pain from the strap on one of the surgery sites was unbearable! Somehow I got it off and went to get some ice. ... Iced my shoulder and put myself to bed. Horrible, horrible, horrible. BRA= kryptonite for Cece.

Well, today is Tuesday, and I remembered I have a strapless bra! That is perfect!

So, in a little while, a friend is coming to take me out for a walk...not some cardio. I am determined to be a bit more moderate in my approach to rehab.

Wednesday? I will see my PT and trainer and begin my rehab in my strapless bra!
Amendment to above post: I lasted about a 1/2 hour in the strapless bra...and then went into agony. Now in a cami and we will see how that goes. What's next?