Don't Make Change too Complicated: Just Begin!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Choose Your Destiny! Flawless Victory. FIGHT!

Life is not always happy, happy, happy. We all have bad days that get the best of us. I had a day like that yesterday.

First. Let me begin by saying that my PT was also my sensei in karate and she is also my trainer. She and I have known each other many years. She is a dynamo and I always forget the power that this woman holds in her body! She is a ferocious but loving warrior woman who is really a peacemaker and healer…but she knows me sooo well that she can kick my holds barred. I respect her for that ability. When I need to get rid of “Miss Weepy” I ask her for advice. Then I buckle my seat belt! She tells it like it is and reminds me of who I am and how I am.

She has rehabbed my knee that was kicked back in karate and then has helped me to rehab the shoulder from the actual car accident. Now she is helping rehab the surgery that resulted from the very same car accident. She knows my body and me very well.

Yesterday, I was in agony when I walked into her door and said, “I don’t know why I am here because I am already in pain.” She said, “Because you are a masochist and love pain…and you also want to get better faster.” I said, Well, let’s set the record straight…. if I am a masochist, then you are a sadist.” She said “I can accept that role. Shall we begin?”

And so we did. She read the post –op report from the surgeon on what had actually been done…. Needless to say as the tears welled up in my eyes and I sweated profusely and she pushed me to literally purge the anesthesia, she kept telling me that my recovery so far was amazing! My range of motion was great, she felt no glitches when she rotated my shoulder every which way…and I cried from pain….she was very pleased. When I got dizzy she gave me a cold towel around my neck…let me sit down for 20 seconds…then up for another circuit. URGH.

Anyway, I lived. I have exercises to do at least 2x a day for now….also she wants cardio (even though I cannot wear a bra) on the light side and to drink lots of water. We had a quick and useless chat about her bra size and mine and the difference the bouncing would make…to no avail of the sympathy I was trying to get…..and off I went into cardio land…mild …to purge the anesthesia…but still bouncy!

I bought some dark chocolate with orange to soothe myself after this work out..and it helped…..then I slept for 4 hours….that really helped….then I did some of the PT exercises from today’s work out…..and realized that that phrase no pain no gain…is a good one.

We all have difficulties in life that we have to work through…and sometimes those difficulties recur…and we have to continue to work through them and hope to learn from them. I had to muster up the willingness to rehab an injury post surgery that I had spent the last year rehabbing pre-surgery. That was more an emotional willingness than a physical.

But was another story....I was empowered by yesterday...already felt stronger....and I began to do my first workout on my own as part of my rehab for the shoulder surgery. I heard these words in my ears as I plugged in my IPOD:

Choose Your Destiny!

Flawless Victory!