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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back in Business!

Many have been asking how my recovery is going and I know I have not written much on this here is the latest and greatest news!

On Monday afternoon, I saw the surgeon and have finally been released! This means that I am free to ride my bike on the road again! HURRAY! I am very excited about this! I have been getting itchy to do so...and I knew I would, so I put an orange Continental trainer tire on my back wheel so I COULD NOT ride it on the road. This helped a lot and I have been riding indoors 40-50 miles per week (still cursing at Troy Jacobson) including the famous Cement Factory spin class on Thursday nights!

The camaraderie in this class is fantastic and we are all having a blast! Nothing like 80-100 cyclists in a cement store...all jammed in and rowdy!

So, I am back in business again! I have been doing some easy pilates (which is still difficult due to the whiplash ) and losing weight (10.4 pounds) and beginning to lift some light weights and get back into strength training.

Monday, which looks like the best day in the next few, I will get on the bosque and do a flat perhaps 12 miles and see how I do...beginning to get those shoulder/neck muscles going on the road. It always surprises me how different the actual road is from the trainer. On the road, you have to steer and balance and deal with road shock...on the trainer it is mostly legs!

Many of you know Yun and we are writing another blog together which is keeping us both out of trouble. It is called The Two Whos Check it out!

As I said to my wonderful surgeon, "See you on the Road!"