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Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's 28 degrees in Albuquerque. What does that Mean?

It means that Cece is riding indoors with her winter boyfriend Troy Jacobson!  Yes, she said it...winter boyfriend!  When you spend this much time with a man....he might as well be the boyfriend from afar!  For those of you that do not know Coach Troy, he is the one who told Cece that if she had to throw up, she should do it while she was soft pedaling.  He also told her that he "hopes that she  now has  a new appreciation of her ability to endure discomfort" She just has too many of this type of person in her life right now.  URGH! 

Here is Little Red all set to go on her trainer.
Now all Cece has to do is pick a Troy favorite like "Suffer O Rama, Mental Toughness, The Uphill Grind or Have Mercy the Sequel....

If you want to follow Coach Troy, who has been rehabbing a serious collar bone injury (at the Leadville 100)  and then had to have surgery.... in  his first post-accident Iron Man  race, you can go here to do so.
Cece told him to try to have fun, but that will not be easy...especially at Iron Man Distances....

PS.  Cece's friend Ellie the Shark is planning on riding the century (actually 109 miles)  in El Tour de Tucson on Nov. 20th. We are hoping that she will give us a ride report.  

PPS:  Ellie confirmed that she is already thinking about her blog post and  Cece did make it through a grueling 90 minute mental toughness DVD..she forgot about the squatting part off the bike... and all the high gearing and  dripping sweat!  She hopes that  Troy heard the curses from afar...