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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who Took the 47th State? Part 1

A few years back, Cece had an incident with her luggage on United Airlines.  Since then, she has carried on her luggage as often as possible!  What was the  incident you ask?
Well, her luggage was lost for 6 days while she was on vacation.  When she called United Airlines baggage claim, she discovered that they had outsourced the baggage claim to Mumbai, India.  When Cece heard  the  responder and asked politely if they were overseas, her reply was "No! We are not overseas. You are overseas!"  Harumph!
The person answering the call  kept telling her that her luggage was caught in a huge traffic jam (for 6 days?)  on the Long Island Expressway...but since Cece just got off the L.I.E. she knew that this was incorrect.
Anyway, 6 days later, her luggage was delivered...just in time for her to leave and go back to New Mexico!
But United does do other good make it easy to check in for a flight.  Cece did this since she has "luggage issues," from her past travels,she decided to check her luggage in advance.  Somehow Cece's luggage is 5 inches too big and so she could not carry it on this time!
Checking her luggage, she pushed all the correct buttons on her computer and  was typing in her credit card address when and all of a sudden the United Airlines system did not recognize that New Mexico was a State!  The machine kept telling her that she had typed in an invalid state. New Mexico is not a State? It became the 47th state in 1912!  United has not kept up with the times!  They are almost 100 years behind.  So, Cece was unable to check her baggage because our 47th state was missing!  

Part 2 of the travel saga will be coming on Monday.