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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

World Bicycle Relief Teams up with SRAM and +3 Network!

 You can join Cece and The Fat Cyclist in joining the Plus 3 Network.  When you log in your it cycling,  yoga, housework, swimming, walking, carpooling and much much more, SRAM  will donate money to purchase bicycles for women and children in rural countries so they can ride their bikes to school or to the Dr's office or to get food. You can go to the Fat Cyclist  blog and see exactly how to join.  He spells it out beautifully there.

  As cyclists, we all ride for different reasons...but the woman below rides to feed her children.  Others ride to get to school.  This is Cece's favorite organization to give back to and here is an easy way to give which requires no money...just your sweat equity!

To  join the Plus 3 Network! It is free!  It is Fun! You are supporting a worthwhile  organization!  From the Plus 3 Network web site, here is information from their ABOUT page:

Mileage Rewards for Health, Fitness & Fun

Plus 3 Network is a mobile, GPS-enhanced social network that connects people with corporate sponsors and worthwhile causes on a lasting journey of personal fitness and charitable giving.

Making It Count

Plus 3 makes the world a healthier and better place by helping its members lead healthier better lives. Plus 3 Network will count millions of daily rides, runs, walks, or swims as mileage-rewarded fundraising. We are the social network that actively manages, motivates, validates, and rewards our members for participating in fitness activities. Plus 3 links our members with corporate sponsors and non-profits in a shared goal of worthwhile giving. Making It Count is our phrase for this process of bringing people, causes, and sponsors together for the good of everyone.

Each time  you work out, you earn "Kudos" which turns into a weighted amount of exercise depending on the exercise,time and distance.  In a week, Cece has earned over $11.00 toward a bicycle that costs $120.00. So you can see how quickly a bicycle can be earned!

Info about World Bicycle Relief:

Imagine if you lived in a very rural country and you did not have a car and had to walk everywhere you went.  It might take you 4 hours to walk the 12 miles to your school!  Or it might take  you days to walk to the nearest health care clinic.

World  Bicycle Relief is a  non-profit agency that gives bicycles to people to help them to be more mobile in very rural poor areas of this world.  Their mission is to provide access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles.

Founded by SRAM Corporation and Trek Bicycles in 2005 and supported by many individuals, foundations and corporations, World Bicycle Relief specializes in large-scale, comprehensive bicycle programs by providing supply chain management, technical knowledge and logistics expertise to poverty relief and disaster assistance initiatives.

Compared to walking, bicycles represent an enormous leap in productivity and access to health care, education and economic development opportunities. The simple, sustainable nature of bicycles empowers individuals, their families and their communities.

Here are examples of what a bicycle can do to leverage human ability:
* Bicycles increase carrying capacity, five times as much as compared to walking;
* Bicycles increase the distance a person can travel by four times compared to walking;
* Bicycles save time, approximately three hours for every ten miles traveled compared to walking

If you feel so called, please join the +3 Network and join Team Fatty  and Cece in raising money to give bicycles that will change lives and communities.