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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wild Women and Water! What Fun!

Put a bunch of wild women with a lot of water and what do you get?  Hmm.....Let me see.
 It was a beautiful and warm day in the North Valley of Albuquerque.  The sun was out...there was no was a perfect day to......
Wash our bikes!  Yes, that is right!  Women Riding Well, the cycling club,  had a bike washing party at one of the member's homes in the North Valley.  It is so much more fun to get wet and wash your bike with friends!  Cece's bike, Little Red,  was absolutely filthy. She was sure she would get the prize for the most filthy bike!   To show you just how filthy it was,  she embarrassingly presents this photo.  Too many rides after the monsoon rains.  Dirty!  Dirty! 
It was a big job to clean her up real pretty!  At first when she began, Cece could not really see the dirt, but then she met  Diane...who became her assistant...well really she was the bike Cece cleaned the drive train, Diane "passed" her and gave her the green light to move on to the next part of the bike.  These women take cleaning a bike VERY seriously.
She looks nice, but she can spot dirt a mile away!  LOL!  Actually, she taught Cece how to see dirt!
A fun time was had by all and  our bikes have passed the Margie, Diane and Debbie "White Glove" test.  Here is a pic of Debbie:

That is all she would allow!