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Monday, March 12, 2012

Met My First Goal a Bit Early!

This morning,  I hit my first time trial oriented goal of loosing 10 pounds by March 16th.  Well, actually I lost 10.2 pounds...and yes, I am counting every ounce...they all add up!

So now, I will begin to work on the second 10 pounds by May 12th. 

What did I do?  I cut my calories by an average of 100 per day and I kept  my time trial cycling and gym program pretty much in tact.  I say pretty much due to the weather.  Sometimes I was indoors with Troy Jacobson doing Spinervals.  1:45 minutes is about all I could take with him  and I am sure that is where the pounds came off.... as I sweated away and drip drip dripped to the music in my ears.  Eating 40-40-20  protein, carb and fat and adding in 100 calories/per hour  if I ride for 2 hours or more.  That works for my body.

This week promises to be very nice weather and I plan on getting outdoors again on my bike.