Don't Make Change too Complicated: Just Begin!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Everything Takes Work!

It has been a long hellish month since I have last checked in...and it has been a very difficult one.  I have been trying to juggle a sick cat, a sick dad, a sick client and her passing on Monday, loosing weight, working out, cycling, interviewing for new jobs, job hunting and my regular crisis driven job.

Many have been asking, "How is your training going?"  The answer is..."It could be better!"  However, I am happy to report, I am still on track and moving forward.

I have lost 13 pounds of the 20 I want to loose before the time trial (last you knew it was 10.2)  and have a bit more than a month to loose the remaining 7 pounds...which is manageable for me.

 I have been cycling indoors and out and now have the time and energy to put more effort into the suffering that it will take.  I found out that they put me into a higher age category because  I will hit that higher age category before Dec. 31st which is their method.  Not  sure if this is good or bad....except that there are 3 others in my new category and only one other in my previous category.  So, I would have been guaranteed a winning place and been able to go to Las Cruces for the State I have to work for it.  But, I would really have it no other way...since everything takes work.

On April 26/27 my office is moving me to our Northeast location and that will afford me easier access to"the hills are alive" and more climbing opportunities.  I can bring my bike to work and go out afterwards with the sun shining and longer light...or even go out at lunch!  OK!   I am embracing the change!