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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Poetry by the Mile

When Cece got off her bike the other day after having done her time trial route, she got real silly and started to write some free verse poetry!
Here is her  poem:

I set my goal

I must have been crazy

to cut 21 minutes off

my previous time trial pace.

With 2 weeks to go

I am 1/2 way there

 If only I could

loose the horrible hill

and the fat butt baggage

My hips don't want to

Climb uphill!

Here are what some of her wonderful friends wrote back to her ...also in free verse:

The stress and strain that we go through

burns calories extraordinaire

and let's one know (as the pedals go)

that life sometimes ain't fair.

But, what counts most when the chips are down,

won't be our weighted buttocks,

but the heart and love and the sparkle shown,

for our friends and those who love us.

And another:
Be your own best friend,

forget about your rear end.