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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Mind and Body in Battle....Who Will Win Out?

7 days before the big event and Cece is out with a double ear infection and a bad sinus infection.  Of course, she blames that gust of wind that got her this past Monday (see below!)   That evening, her ear was killing her like it did when she had an ear infection as a child. Damn  wind! 

She went to the doctor and had her look in her ears, nose and throat and her Dr's favorite phrase came off the docs lips...."Oh God!"    Why does she always say that when she looks?

The Dr.  got out her prescription pad.  Cece stopped her saying, "Lets count how many days until my race.  I want to be covered until the next day."  They counted up 11 days and that is how many days worth of antibiotics she was prescribed.

Now Cece is trying to rest and stay on her training plan at the same time. Did she just say that?  Good Luck!   This is not quite so easy.  Her mind wants to train...her body and lungs do not.

What to do? 

Cece is bargaining with herself.    She negotiated with herself...her mind is hemming and hawing.  OK> agreed.  She will rest most of the day in bed and try to sleep...sleep...sleep  Then later in the afternoon she will get up and start moving around a bit....then early evening she will train indoors  and do the Spinervals DVD called time trialapalooza....80 minutes of push, push push!  Tomorrow if she is feeling better, she might ride the actual route...we will see how the battle of the mind and body plays out.

For now...nighty nite!  Cece will be dreaming and visualizing the route.......