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Friday, April 13, 2012

What Needs to Get Stronger are My Weakest Parts!

Did you ever feel that you asked your trainer for more work in a moment of insanity......and then regretted it later?  Well Cece was there this afternoon.

 And as she got back home, after barely making it up her 20 steep steps, she saw a sign in her house and cursed.  It read,  " I had forgotten that there's something incredibly satisfying in hitting a wall, then hauling yourself over it.  Pretty?  No.  Satisfying? Yes."  She had just leg pressed 266 pounds until failure...then pressed 240 more to failure...then did hamstring curls that curled her hair until failure..much more topped off by fast running sprints in circuits.

All the old people at the gym, who never break a sweat , watched her drip and suffer and grunt....and many came over and asked her WHY?  Why are you doing this?  What could she say?  How could she explain?  First of all, she had no breath to explain.  So, she figured a New York eye roll would suffice along with a shrug of the shoulders.

And as Cece grunted and cursed at the dreaded hamstring curl machine, one little man  came over and told her this as she dragged her butt toward the next circuit:

"I have PTSD from the war and when I have an episode, I just tell myself I will eventually get through it.  Even though you are so tired and suffering , why not tell yourself that you will eventually get through this too ?"

As Cece huffed and puffed  and dripped sweat on the floor as she listened, she realized the wisdom of these words.  She could make it through and it was certainly not as bad as what this man went  through.Wise advice from a kind hearted person who had to face real pain and suffering and its aftermath.

It just put things in perspective.