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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Enchanted Trails RV Park and Trading Post to Host 50+ Games Cycling Time Trials

Cece is on her second day of complete rest.  She does not do "rest" very well.  She was getting itchy and needed to do something besides stare at the she decided to take an adventure out to Enchanted Trails RV Park and Trading Post.  This is the  site of her time trial on Saturday.  She had been past there before , but had never stopped in. 

Once there, she was greeted by a marvelous Scottish terrier named Winston and a host of happy and
friendly people.
 On historic Route 66.

She met Vickie Ashcraft the owner who had a happy disposition and did not mind answering Cece's multiple questions about the RV park and whether they had bathrooms. Of course they did!   She told Cece where the finish line would be and  how the tables and registration booths would be set up.  Cece has never been in an RV and was very curious about what an RV park is.  You would think she came from MARS, but only really from New York where she had never had that experience!  She had much to learn.
The casita part of the park housed many rooms that provided for necessities and for entertainment.  She noticed that they had many vintage things!  Here are a few!

A women in the trading post told Cece they were on 9 mile hill and Cece's eyes got as big as flying saucers!  Her first thought?  Was her route still on the 9 mile hill?  She had climbed that before...but she could not remember the details....probably she was in a coma at the time!   The woman got out a map and highlighted 9 mile hill and told her that really they were at the end of it!  WHEW!  She was gonna climb enough hills on Saturday she did not need to climb that infamous hill  too!

In the back by the RV park, she had several vintage motor homes.
 More than anything, the people she met there were friendly and willing to talk and answer any of Cece's
 questions.  She asked a man she met at the park about the Balloon Fiesta and he said that even though it is in October, they are almost booked up with just a few spots remaining.  Cece understood why...everyone was happy and friendly!  Cece is looking forward to Saturday and is glad it is being hosted by the Enchanted Trails RV Park and Trading Post! 
A Wonderful Route 66 Adventure!