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Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Rid of a Bag of Sugar!

If Cece remembers correctly, a bag of sugar is 5 pounds!  Imagine carrying this bag of sugar uphill in a race.  URGH!  This is the new short term goal.  To get rid of this 5 pounds by race day..not by any drastic means...but just by keeping on what she is already doing.
There is no  more time to mess around and eat this or that not on her plan.  She must be vigilant.  Each pound she carries is to her disadvantage.

She has been training hard and having a sufferfest.... training over her threshold heart rate...because during the race it is going to go and stay there.  The antibiotics are doing their magic and she feels great and has been functioning normally...except for the work outs.

Today is a recovery spin day and Tuesday is a loose day or arms only at the gym.  Then complete rest and days off from work...don't laugh....where she plans to paint her toe nails to match her jersey...not that anyone will see that...but just to pamper herself for a short moment! 
Ahhhhh!  To be pampered!