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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Being a Jockey vs Being a Cyclist: Let's Change the Rules!

Cece's trainer wants her to carry add in weight while she is riding that she works harder...especially when climbing hills.  At first she got angry....add in weight while I am working so hard to loose weight?  But after she finally figured out how to carry added weight, she understood how much harder it was during her speed was effected and was slower.    The ideas then,  is that on race day when she is not carrying this weight, she will have trained stronger and she will ride faster without the additional weight being present.

Given that Cece has maintained and lost almost 140 pounds at this moment,  she understands this.  The lighter you are the faster you can go.

But in her tweaky she was riding hill repeats with the weights, she came upon the most brilliant idea for this Athena rider.  This idea will level the playing field and she loves this wonderful plan!
Did you know, for instance that in the Kentucky Derby each jockey needs to weigh 126 pounds including their equipment?  This does not include the horse.  So, all jockeys need to weigh the same weight.

Cece's ides is that each cyclist should weigh the same weight as she does....which would mean that everyone will need to carry additional weight.  For instance, Olga will need to carry 115 pounds.  Jan 40 pounds.  etc. etc.  That way the playing field would be equalized!  

Everyone would weigh the same amount.  Then, Cece will be on an equal playing field with all the other women....and yes, it would be absolutely fine with Cece if the other women train with their additional weight loads!

Problem solved!