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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Shark is Showing Her Teeth! Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Time Trial

The last time you saw Ellie the Shark and Stephanie they each were wounded.  Ellie with a boot and fracture and Steph with an ankle sprain.    They were taking it very easy for a while.  But not for long!

  If you look closely, the Shark is bearing her teeth and is ready to compete in the first New Mexico all women's Time Trial....Girls just Gotta Have fun!  This is Gina next to Ellie...herself an amped up competitor!

For Today, Cece was the photo journalist.  She toolk it all in, spoke with friends, cheered people on and had a wonderful time watching....glad for today she was not on her bike.  She is still recovering from her heat exhaution episode.  When will this recovery end?  Soon she hopes.

There were issues with the timers today and people got their times messed up we are all still waiting for the final times.  But all three friends did extremely well.

Women Riding Well hosted the event and about 90 women came out for the first all women's time trial.  It was a huge success and everyone was very happy and exited.

Mindy Caruso,  the Women's National Time Trial Champion , came to support all the women and she gave us some great advice about the bare bones necessities in time trialing.  We all took notes!

We paid special attention when Mindy mentioned this product that most of us were not familiar with...Yes, it is called 

Anti Monkey Butt Powder......

I will leave the rest for you to find out.  Check  in with Amazon!

The friends all say that they are not competitive...but Cece knows from her mom saying that for years...that people who say that are THE most competitive types!  Sharkie is already planning to get new go fast wheels...perhaps wheels covers to be more aero...perhaps an aero helmet?  Shoe covers.....  I give her a  year...before she is time trial outfitted!  

What fun we all had!  It is nice to be a spectator on occasion!

Hope you are watching the Tour and watching the Olympic Trials on TV!  Happy riding and happy dreaming!