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Monday, October 22, 2012

Marathon Mania! 26.2 in Their Honor!

Cece has been sick the last 8 days and has not exercised or been on her bike!  So it was with great surprise that she found herself in the midst of the Duke City Marathon, her first day back on the bike!  How did this happen?  Well evidently, the marathon route was partly along the Bosque!  Cece was on her bike from  mile 15-24 along their route.
It did not take her long to realize that at this place  in the race, the runners were in a coma.  It was worth her life dodging in and out of them…with their ear buds in and fully comatose from their mileage.  All Cece’s shouts of “On your left” literally fell on deaf ears.  So she had to weave in and out.  Many yelled and cursed at her.  Runners are cranky!  Didn’t they see the sign that said “Share the Road.”

Despite all the traffic, Cece had a wonderful ride with the most beautiful scenery. This was her first day taking pictures on her new IPhone and she was not sure how to work it. The picture on the left also came out twice on video, although she knows not how this happened!
Cece kept riding and riding and riding…and soon it became real quiet as she adventured into the bowels of the south valley.  Cece always sees coyote down there….but that is also when she is dating the wrong man!  A sign that Cece cannot ignore.  So, no coyotes…a good sign!  BUT, she is not dating anyone either!