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Monday, October 8, 2012

Out with The Goat!

When your friend's nickname is the Mountain Goat, and you go out for a ride together, you can be sure that there will be hill climbing involved!  At the end of the ride, her friend said, "Thanks for entertaining my addiction to climbing hills!"    They had just finished climbing 1400 feet of elevation gain.  Cece said, "Grrrr." 

Stephanie took her over every hill and false flat between the bowels of Rio Rancho and the county of Bernalillo!  AND as happens in New Mexico, there was a strong head wind  no matter which direction they climbed uphill!    At one point, Cece caught a gust and her bike went sideways!  Why wasn't she home under the covers? 

Cece had ridden close to 90 miles this week and her legs were trashed.  At one point, after getting up another hillacious climb Stephanie said , "Have you seen all the sheriffs on this road?  I have counted 8 so far."  Cece replied, "No, I am focusing on my own suffering and just praying I get to the top of the next hill!"  

Cece's body does not like to climb uphill....but it is getting better and a part of Cece likes to complain and curse as she goes uphill!  The two friends did agree that they would rather climb hills than ride the long boring flat that never seems to end on 313! 

And so at the end of the day, Stephanie seemed to be able to tap dance up yet  another hill and Cece was dehydrated and happily complaining, but they agreed it was a good day!