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Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Ellie the Shark Guest Post!

The Santa Fe Snowshoe Un-race.

Some of my closest acquaintances say that I am competitive(Cece sing....,oh yes they do!). They have mentioned that I seem to enjoy playing the role of the shark. I lay in wait, lingering behind and then swim in for the kill. I feel that is a bit overstated, but that is what I have heard.(Cece adds," That is what we experience!")

This morning as I stood at the starting line with my dear friend Andrea, I experienced the usual pre-race anxiety. I saw participants in serious snowshoeing gear with long, lean bodies and my ego began to quake. Some participants I knew from the sport of triathlon and even though I am a bit competitive, I know my place and respect the ladies that are at the top of the sport in NM. They are courteous and supportive each and every time I come across them in a race and they were present for this event. 

But for this race - for the first time - I was not concerned about whom I was going to overtake. I was not focused on my pace. I did not have my Garmin or take notice of the time it took for me to tromp through the pristine woods for 3.8 miles. I ran when I wanted and walked when I felt like it. I stopped and mapped in the New Year’s beginnings and left last year’s trials and heartbreak in the melting ice. I felt enormous gratitude for my friends and family who did not abandon me and finally let ties of the past free. I sang aloud when the mood hit me and did not allow a negative thought to enter my heart.

I did not place in my age group but I came away with so much more. I am happy.
Ellie the Shark