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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Double Eagle Time Trial

It has become a tradition that Cece attends the time trials to support her friend and cycle buddy Stephanie.  This year was no different.

It was a beautiful day, Steph felt strong and Cece had music in her ears as she waited for Stephanie to come across the finish line.

Cece had climbed her personal sufferfest that morning...the infamous Tramway hill....repeating her personal mantra, "Its me, my bike and the road. " She had greeted the cows on 313 and thought of Ellie the Shark and her run ins with cows on her bike!  She had even laughed...but that was before she started climbing!  

 After all this, she had hurried home and changed and sped out  to the time trial.  She missed her friend take off  by 3 minutes.

But there are joys to waiting and watching!  Like seeing friends and seeing the bike porn...the beautiful bikes that the racers ride....the wheels...the in skin suits!

 Stephanie sent Cece the time trial results and Cece started calculating.  The overall winner rode the 12.7 mile course with an average speed of 30 mph!  For Cece who is just back on her bike after a long achilles injury, that is just remarkable!

And then there was that mustache!  Years ago, Cece read the"Cat Who" murder mysteries by Lillian Jackson Braun.  The detective in the book had a mustache that turned heads wherever he went.  It was described as "luxurious."  Cece always wondered what a luxurious mustache looked liked...until the time trial...where she spotted that mustache!

She tried and tried to take a pic but the man on the other end of that mustache.....was too quick and was always on the move!  Finally Cece chased him down after his race and got that pic!

Gabe Aragon
He was very gracious and allowed the pic and they had a nice chat.  He joked that if he became famous from this blog that he would split the money with Cece...well unless he gets a modelling contract from this...but you never know!

It was a fun day in the sun, not a cloud in the sky on the high mesa!  What could be better?

Well , if you can imagine the friends then hoofed it up to the International Folk Art Festival in Santa Fe.... where they started to feel their quads screaming every set of stairs or ramps they had to walk up!  LOL.

Pics of the festival coming soon!