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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Running in Heaven with Uptown Funk

This is Cece in her resurrection body! Perhaps in her heavenly life...if she makes it there...she will be a runner with a great physique, and a smile on!

But those of you who know Cece...know she does not run.  But confession..... she has been "trotting" here and there as her trainer pushes her to exhaustion and works her heart rate past threshold!  She is Chi running to the best of her ability.

But boy, was she mad today!  Run a 1/4 mile, do a grueling partner bootcamp (100 and 200s of things) ...then run 5 sprints and then finish the partner bootcamp section...AND THEN run a mile!

First of all Cece is 58.  Then she has been told not to run,...she has no knees left.  On top of all this, it was not long ago that was was barely able to walk across the room. And FINALLY, she is a cyclist...not a runner.

And so with a huge resentment, she began to run her mile.  Everyone passed her.  Even those walking ...passed her as she trotted along.  Thankfully she had "Uptown Funk" in her ears and busted a move here and there to make it more fun!

And so it is,  with her trainer, Cece always needs to watch what she prays for.  In her runners coma, she recalled telling him that she needed to be able to maintain her heart rate over 154 for  45 minutes.  In her  first half mile,  after all the above was accomplished,  her heart rate was .her second half mile her heart rate was 160-178. She thinks it's a  pretty good guess she met her goal! 

 If she had not been in a coma, she would know how long it took her to run that wasn't 45 minutes...not even close....but it was well on the way to much better cardio endurance...inch by inch.

Thanks to Cristen for running the back 1/2 mile with Cece!