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Sunday, August 17, 2008

KABOOM! Luckily, I have Hips!

There is just nothing like the feeling of being totally helpless and imprisoned in your cleats! I fell right over...BOOM! It was like slow motion...I saw and felt it happening, but could do nothing about it but try to break my fall with my feet were stuck in my cleats! The next thing I knew my feet and my bike and me were parallel to the road. Friends came and wrestled my feet out of my cleats and got me up from that precarious position.... LOL. And thank you to my friends for helping me! I have a few bruises as a result, but nothing dramatic! I wish someone had taken a pic! This happened about 15 miles into the ride.

By far, this was my best because I felt so good and sooo strong. When I got off the bike I said, "I feel like I can ride 20 more miles!" In the past I have said "54 miles is plenty" ...or whatever the mileage was....but yesterday, I was able to push and go faster the last 15 miles or so...maybe it was the raisins! LOL. I felt strong and that is such a good feeling!

My friend Yun was back from her vacation today and I was able to enjoy a very social day on the bike and have wonderful companionship and see the beauty of the earth! What could be better? Well, I can think of one thing LOL! Today, though, was a fantastic day! strong>