Don't Make Change too Complicated: Just Begin!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Looking in the MIrror

By 6am on Tuesday, I was on my bike and riding in the Bosque. My new tires were soundless as I cycled through. I had my first Zen moment on the bike...being one with the bike and not even feeling the bike moving under me...just gliding along effortlessly. It had rained hard the night before and the Bosque was alive with smells of the dampened earth...that is rare to find in this desert landscape. The geese flew over head and honked their greeting and I saw much wild life including a roadrunner and the back end of a coyote...

Many people were out this am beginning their rides , walks or rollerblading. I greeted them on this new day. I realized that I see the same people each morning when I cycle early...they are in the same predictable routines...and that provides some this world that changes so quickly....that the rhythms and pulses stay the same although things around that rhythm might change!

I wish the lion in this photo were a lioness! Because that is who is inside me and that is the energy I will pull out to cycle this 109 in November!

I am hoping to get my camera any day now and hope to create a slide show of our long ride this Saturday. Tune in!