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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lance? Are you out There?

Got my new camera and spent time yesterday fiddling with it and learning how to operate it! I am on a high learning curve as I am not a techno girl! Carb loaded with Tom and his friend at the Pasta Cafe last night. I am not used to eating carbs like this. URGH! I think I am going to turn into a carb! I am up early and getting ready for the ride today. Will take photos during the ride to San Felipe and back. We are supposed to have a surprise visitor this am...and I asked our coach if it was Lance Armstrong...bec then we would all wear lipstick! LOL...but she said that even SHE did not have the power to get Lance Armstrong to come and visit us! One of the men told us that he is cycling in CO> this weekend...well...that's not far...maybe Debbie will get on the phone?