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Friday, October 30, 2009

This is a Simulation...Do not Try this at Home

As I was driving to work this morning, I was crossing the Montano Bridge and right at the river crossing, I saw a clothesline full of bras! The line of bras was to remind us that YES it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! There must have been about 100 bras on this clothesline and I heard that there was a traffic accident during rush hour from someone looking at the bras and not at the road. Do not try this at home!

I heard a piece on the news this am that created quite an uproar. A TV channel in Washington DC put a story on the evening news showing an actual breast self-exam so women could know how to do their self check ups. Evidently there were some who thought it was sexual! The woman commentator said it very well when she said, "if you want to look at breasts that are sexual there are many other venues available to do that. This is not one of them!"

And so, once again I will say...If you are reading this and have not gotten your exam....turn off the computer...pick up the phone...and schedule your mammo. The life you are saving could be your own! Cancer Sucks!