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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Homemade Chicken Soup and the Uphill Grind? NOT!

Cece has not been cycling .  This is the first time in 4 years she has not ridden over the winter...AND she is now paying the price!  She got back on her bike in early February and since then, she has had several saddle sores (to read the definitive post on saddles sores, see this post by the Fat Cyclist), sore wrists,has worked to generalize her yoga lessons to work on her weaker cycling leg,  has had to squeeze into too tight lycra shorts, rebuild her cardio, has had to deal with a heart rate monitor that malfunctioned and a cycle computer on the blink.  But, none of this compares with her suffering on her  ride indoors this afternoon.

Cece, took a picture, but she can't post it because even looking at it, makes her nauseous. She is still queezy and on the edge. OK Don't laugh .  Promise?

Being a multi-tasker has some today.  What was the harm in making home made chicken soup and letting it simmer while she did her Spinervals CD "The Uphill Grind?"  From high a top  her perch on her bike and trainer she could see over her breakfast bar and could see the large pot simmering on t he stove.  She turned it to medium and watched it gently cook. All was well.

But at about 5 minutes into the ride, Cece began to feel like she was going to throw up! Evidently,the delicious smell of homemade chicken soup does not smell very good to Cece when she is sweating to the uphill Grind.  Her stomach flip flopped this way and that.  Oh My!  When would this end?   She kept looking at the soup on her stove and thinking, I will just get off the bike and turn it off.  Then she thought, no...the smell will still be in the air , that will not work.  So, as she pedaled and climbed uphill, she dealt with the feeling of "Loosing her lunch" and hoped that soon it would abate.  It did not.

Finally, she finished her work out and went to the stove and turned off the soup.  She took a picture for this blog post,....but....urgh...she is certain she will not have homemade chicken soup for dinner tonight!