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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Master of Cycle and Fit comes to Women Riding Well!

If you live in Albuquerque and you cycle, it is likely that you know or know of.... Matt Caruso.  Cece calls him the guru of mechanics and fit.    She will never forget the first day they met.....she went to his shop called Caruso Cycle Works , and brought her 27 pound Colgnao , "Yellow Bird" with her.  The bike was given to her and it was way too big for her. She was also a brand new cyclist at the time. She was told if any one could fix the bike to fit her, it would be Matt.

Up, up , up the steep hills she went thinking nothing of it since she was driving her car.  She got out near the top and there was Matt's shop.  He set her up on a trainer and with his back to her working at his bench, he said, "OH!  Do you have a right knee injury?  I can hear the difference in your pedaling."  Well of course Cece did have a knee injury to that knee!  But on top of that remark, when he was finished fitting her on the bike  he said, "I want to watch you go up and down this hill."  HUGH?  Climb THAT hill?  If Cece had only known... she might have picked a mechanic whose shop was on flat ground.

And so it came to pass that Cece would have another opportunity to learn about bike mechanics and fit from Matt.  On 3/19/11, he came to Sympatico Cycling Studio and Women Riding Well to give a bike clinic.  He brought along his  huge Park Tool box and his bike stand...which probably most of us could not have lifted!  He gave a hands on repair class that discussed the repair of many parts on the bike including cables, derailleurs, tires and how to trim if your chain is rubbing.  It was a 2+ hour class that was very interactive and interesting.
Thanks, Matt.  Now Cece is going to get on her bike!  Really!