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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Irish Condom Story......... I Promise I 'll Start Cycling!

Cece’s mom Helen and her mom’s best friend, also a Helen, loved to cook and bake.   And so, Cece had both of their recipes for Irish Soda Bread.
Just before St. Patrick’s Day in  2005  Cece called her mom and told her that she had her recipe for Irish Soda bread and that she also had her best friend Helen’s  recipe for Irish Soda Bread too!   She was  not sure which recipe she should use.  It was then that her mother told her  this story:

” In 2004, our friend Helen  was making her own signature recipe for Irish Soda bread.  She made several loaves and brought them to our  Sr. Citizens weekly bowling league.  This was our  snack on the Thursday before St. Patrick’s Day.  The loaves looked beautiful and no one could wait to eat them.  They had golden tops dusted with sugar and Helen brought along butter to spread on each slice.

The league started bowling and cutting into the breads.  All of a sudden there were shouts across and  down the alley! “Hey Helen, what were you doing when you were making these breads?”   What could they mean?   As they cut into the breads, they found what looked like condoms in the bread!  There were long plastic sheaths that baked into the loaves.

Our friend Helen turned quite a shade of red as she explained that she does not like to touch sticky dough and always wears plastic surgical gloves when she bakes.  Evidently she lost several “fingers” of the gloves while she was kneading the dough!”

Through the phone, Cece’s mom said, “So which recipe are YOU going to make?” Cece could almost see the sparkle in her mom’s eye!  Well,  ever since that phone call,  Cece has been making her mom’s recipe and sharing this urban legend!